Basketball Possession Control Whistle

Basketball Possession Control Whistle w/mouthguard Pink MG50P

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This MG50 whistle is an easy to use, all in one Possession Control Whistle with a Anti-Microbial Mouthpiece. A patented whistle that uses two raised "snap & click" buttons that are at eye level and color coded for the home and away teams. These buttons give the official a clear view of which team has possession therefore eliminating any confusion for the next possession call.
ABS Plastics
Touch Control Audible "Snap-Click"
Function Controls Muscle Memory
Lifetime Warranty
Made in the USA

October is usually Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A Pink Ribbon brings awareness to Breast Cancer. This whistle was designed with that in mind. To symbolize strength for breast cancer survivors and their family and friends.

This whistle is also available in Black and White.

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