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We offer a wide selection of top quality Acme Whistles along with others at very affordable prices. We stock award, bird calls, dog training whistles, hunting and countryside, orchestral, police, safety and marine, doorman whistles, safety, party, bird calling, award, thunderer referee, coach, titanic, tornado and cyclone, and many others.

Whistles are considered useful objects as they employ a range of noise that is usually outside of the human range of hearing. The narrow body of the whistle raises the pitch of sound by changing the amount of air that can escape through the opening cut into the cylinder. Among the large variety, most of the whistles are specially designed with a frequency of about 22,000 Hertz. Here are some of the types of whistles explained with their purpose.

Acme Boatswain Whistle

A Boson or Bosuns whistle has derived its name from 'boatswain', a handsome officer on a merchant vessel or a warrant serviceman on a warship, in charge of anchors, rigging, and cables, etc. Historically, these whistles were utilized to pass commands to the crew, and its high pitch could be heard over the activities of the bad weather as well as the crew. These days, it is used in conventional bugle calls announcing certain ceremonies and events in contemporary navies.  Nowadays, these whistles are used in customary bugle calls, for instance, Evening Colors/ Sunset, as well as other ceremonies in the majority of modern navies. A bosun or boatswain's whistle is a pipe or whistle without diaphragm, including the gun (a narrow tube) that directs air above the buoy (a metal sphere) along with a hole in the top. The user opens as well as closes the hand over the hole to bring variations in the pitch.

It is a standard instrument in military navies across the globe and on every boat there is a sailor or an officer trained in a multitude of call codes and in charge of utilizing the Boatswain's whistle. From the 18th century, 3 sets of rings surrounding the pipe are a traditional honor of English bosuns. These whistles were individual possessions rather than official instrument, and silver calls were considered as suitable presentation pieces and gifts in the past. Mentioned below are some of the commands which are conveyed with the help of this whistle:

  • The Away or Side Gallery: It descends from the custom of lifting officers aboard ship in a chair. It is a union of haul, and a command to lower. This call is used as an honor given to officers while embarking or disembarking.
  • Haul: Haul is the most basic of calls. The crews of warships were not allowed to sing work songs, therefore, the sailors used this pipe. The low note was for the preparatory and pause and the high one for dragging on the line.
  • Call the Boatswain's Mates: The boatswain's crew to report
  • Supper or Dinner: To call the crew for a meal
  • Pipe Down: Suspension of the crew not on duty
  • General Call: Piped prior to an announcement
  • Word to be Passed: Command for silence, which is an order that has to be followed

Acme City Whistle

The city whistle is also known as Classic Ladies Metropolitan (Bobbys) Whistle and it's been used by the Police Force in the United Kingdom. It is made of nickel plated brass with dimensions of 2- 9/16" Barrel diameter 1/2". it can be easily hung on your keychain or neck for security.

Acme Crow Call Whistle

This whistle has been used for variable calls to produce the calls of young crows, always intriguing to other crows who will want to take a look. This whistle has been created by Clifford Hudson, son of Joseph Hudson in 1888. Since then, the variety has been expanded with amendments being made in 1990 to the range of predator calls. Through this Acme whistle, various species can be mimicked by this handmade, hand assembled and hand tuned calls. A long 'caw' can be produced by a steady blow, manipulated by hand movements.

Acme Duck Whistles

It isn’t easy to bring ducks closer in every hunting situation but, if you have a quality duck whistle to help you, things can be surprisingly easier. Try one of our duck calls and you’ll see the difference. If you’re struggling to master a basic quack or learning how to say a perfectly crisp, clean “quack” check out our high-quality duck whistles. You can find the Acme Duck Call – Standard 572 and the Acme Duck Call 574 in our store. Each and every duck whistle in our selection has been tested by expert callers, and produces excellent Mallard, Teal & Widgeon calls. Besides that, they can reproduce the fighting calls, feeding calls, and friendly quacks of most species. This is one of the features of our duck calls that make them a must-buy for every duck hunter.

Bird Call Whistles

No matter where we live, the songs of birds always brighten up our days. This is nature's best orchestra. There is an incredible diversity when we hear morning chirps of chikadee or robin, and the sound of a honking flock. But sometimes we are unable to identify unseen birds from a distance when they are hidden in a wooden habitat or in the bush. Many people try doing spishing, where they make a spis sound with their lips to call the birds but others fail to do this. So, to help with this there is a small instrument known as bird call whistle which is mainly used by bird trainers or people who love adoring birds. The bird call whistle is not musical as songs, they are usually used to communicate with birds or family. Calls can be done for aggression, warning, identification, flocking, hunger or to announce a food source. Some calls are understood by many other different species too. Apparently, birds call whistles help to get the birds back to their abode. Bird call whistles are usually used by trainers who love establishing a relationship with their pet birds.

You can find the Acme Crow/Maqpie/Rook Call 259, Acme Cuckoo Whistle 446, Acme Curlew/Peewit 553, Acme Fox/Predator 504, Acme Pigeon/Dove Call 500, and many more

Dog Training Whistle

Many people love to own a dog, but one thing that they have to keep in mind often times, is that the dog needs to be trained. Training is an important part of raising a smart and healthy pet. A pet may look cute when they are in shelter or at the pound, but the  owners have to put time and effort into socializing the dog. Dog training techniques aren't hard to incorporate and no matter how old or how young the dog is, they will need training. Once they are trained properly, they will be a wonderful addition to one's family.

For dog training, you may need a variety of products like balls, saucers, check-cord, duck decoys , but the most important are training whistles. These whistles are really helpful when you prefer to give your dog whistle signals instead of using your voice. Whistles carry over greater distances than voice commands. This is relatively new form of training technique. When the owner is trying to communicate a command, or stop the dog from barking, owner can blow on a whistle to interact effectively.

The dog training whistle, which is popularly called a Galton's or silent whistle is a kind of whistle that produces sound in the ultrasonic range. People cannot hear this sound, but some animals, including cats and dogs can hear the sound emitted by this whistle. It was invented in 1876, and since then its has been used for training these animals. The benefit of this device is that it does not produce an irritating, loud noise for humans that a normal whistle would make. Therefore, it can be easily used to command or train animals without actually disturbing or annoying people near by you. These whistles are used by trainers for behavior modification, or to catch the attention of a dog. These whistles also work well in training dolphins.

Whistle training is generally done by herders or hunters to control their dogs when they are out in the fields. This training is a technique utilized by numerous professional and beginning dog trainers, especially for training a dog to hunt. It uses a unique whistle called a silent dog whistle to give commands to a dog and to get its attention. These types of whistles are manufactured by many companies, but Acme Whistle Company is the most popular one. An Acme silent dog whistle produces sounds in extremely high frequency ranges, out of which the most parts of the sound are inaudible to the people. Dogs have acute hearing and can recognize the whistle's sounds even when they are at a considerable distance. When this whistle is blown, your dog hears a loud, distinct whistle, while you might only hear your breath coming out of it.

It involves training a dog to respond to the sound produced by the whistle. Once your pet learns to respond to the sound, you will be able to call your dog or get its attention without shouting, even if, it is far away or out of sight. An Acme dog whistle produces a sound that is high pitched, but when this whistle is used properly, it would not result in impaired hearing of your dog in any way and would not harm the ears of your dog. For many individuals, whistle training gives them a method of seeking attention of their dog, but its long range potentialities can make it a valuable addition to other training techniques and methods. Whistle training can be very effective, especially for training herding or gun dogs that work at some distance from their owners. When united with particular hand signals, whistle training can assist you train your dog to perform a plethora of commands from a distance, which include coming, moving in a particular direction, or sitting.

The Silent Dog Whistle has an adjustable frequency range tuned according to your dog's hearing power. It produces ultra high frequencies in the range of 5800Hz to 12400Hz. The whistle is effective up to two miles (3 Km) subject to weather conditions and the abilities of the dog trainer.

Most people get into a bit of a muddle with their first dog. They mess up the whole training process & end up with a pet that suffers from selective deafness, ignores their master’s commands, and listens only when they want. If you do not wish to have such a disobedient dog, buy a quality dog whistle to train your pet.

We believe that whistle-trained dogs are easier to handle in heavy cover, at a great distance, and even when the winds are high. And if the whistle you use is high-quality and sounds great, your dog training sessions can be even more effective. That’s why we bring a selection of the best dog training whistles for pet owners.

In our wide selection of dog training whistles, you can find Acme Dog Whistle 210.5 Ultra High Pitch, Acme Dog Whistle 210 Ultra High Pitch, Acme Dog Whistle 535 – Silent, Acme Dog Whistle 211.5 High Tone, Acme Dog Whistle 575 – Shepherd Mouth Whistle Nickel plated 575 and many more great whistles like these.

DolphinTraining Whistle

The Silent Dog Whistle has been used for training dolphins and killer whales at Sea World and other aquariums. They have also been used on cats, horses, mice, and even bats.

Zookeeper's Whistles

Zookeepers can train a zoo animal using whistles by coupling their food and feeding time with a specific whistle sound. Use different whistles to call a different animal. The animal will start associating their food time with that specific sound. Each animal can be called from a long distance with a different type of sound. This increases their feeding behavior. You can couple a loud sound for a specific treat which could call the animal to you in an emergency situation.

Doorman/Taxi Whistle

If you want to buy a taxi whistle with excellent pitch and great appearance, then look no further. Our doorman/taxi whistles are widely used by doormen appointed at various hotels to catch the attention of taxis or limousines.

Acme Nightingale Whistle

These are the musical whistles which create sound effects for Haydon's Toy Symphony and various other kinds of sound effects. It can create the sound of nightingale, black bird and thrush by adding water to the drum and using the tongue.

Decibel Volume Chart

Acme Decibels Vp;i,
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