Acme Boatswains (Bosun) Whistle #12PB (polished brass)


This is the perfect gift for the boater in your life. British Admiralty pattern Boatswain's (Bosun's) pipe, original Acme design 1870. Originally used for giving commands to the crew. Its high pitched notes could be heard in the worst gales. Now largely ceremonial, it is supplied with a leaflet of instructions and historical details. Whistle is made of polished brass (gold color) and measures 4.5" long x 1" wide (at the widest section).

Please note: The brass polished whistles naturally oxidize and might tarnish in time and might have black specks. Cleaning from time to time would be helpful.

Certificate of Authenticity included.
Included are instructions on using the Boatswain's Call and how to hold it to make three basic tones (Plain, Warble, Trill). There is also a chart illustrating the different "Calls" or "Pipes".
Piping the Side
Call B'suns Mates
Supper or Dinner
Walk back or 'ease'
Belay or turn up
Hoist or Haul
Light to or Let go
Pipe Down

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