The American Song/Slide Whistle by American Plating & Mfg Co.

The American Song/Slide Whistle #302

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"The American Song/Slide Whistle

Made of nickel-plated brass, the American Song Whistle has been popular since the 1920s and has been used in many classical as well as in jazz compositions. Blow air into it while sliding the plunger up and down and the pitch changes. Its a fun and whimsical way to make music. It's as easy to play as whistle or hum a tune. Most people can play any popular tune with only five minutes practice!
Made in Chicago, Illinois, USA
Comes in a gift box.

As you pull the slide back and forth, you change the fitting size and therefore change which tones come out loudly enough to hear. Without a doubt, this is a fine slide whistle. The Trophy Slide Whistle is used in many commercial applications and in professional orchestras where a true glissando (trombone) effect is required. Has a brightly plated all metal construction and is entirely assembled by hand for precision.

Approximate length 9"