Clarke Original Pennywhistle in the Key of C or D

Clarke Original Pennywhistle in the Key of C or D

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The Tinwhistle became also known as the Penny Whistle because street urchins and itinerant performers used to get a penny for playing to passers by. One of these itinerants named Whistling Billy made a successful living by playing and dancing at the same time. He performed in pubs, in the fields at harvest time and even at convert rooms and would regularly earn 2 pounds a week - a considerable sum! He had a repertory of fifty tunes and was reckoned to be the best player of any man in town or country.

Inexpensive playable instrument. Has a pleasant sound. Have fun while playing an instrument. Easy to travel with.

This whistle comes in the key of "C" or "D"(please select on the order form). Whistle Only with Song Book of 4 songs and fingering charts."

The Clarke Story:
In 1843 a farm laborer called Robert Clarke decided to try his hand at something else in order to supplement his meager wages. With the help of the local blacksmith he made a set of tools to make a Tinwhistle. Before long, he moved to Manchester where he built a small factory and eventually became the largest manufacturer of Tinwhistles in England. The Clarke Tinwhistles being made today are still following the traditional methods thereby ensuring the quality of the unique Clarke tone.


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