Nose Flutes Humanotones (12 pcs)

Nose Flutes Humanotones (12 pcs)

$11.95 $8.75 On Sale!

The most fun, zaniest, best selling novelty. Played by blowing air through the nose. Changing the shape of your mouth alters the sound, great fun! Also known as humanatones, flutophones, or snoot flutes.

Great Party favors! Individually wrapped in a bag of 12. Assorted colors (mix of Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple). Made in U.S.A.

Noseflute playing instructions:
Press the NOSEFLUTE firmly against your nose and mouth. Hold your mouth well open. Blow only through your nostrils and be sure that no air leaks from the edges of the NOSEFLUTE. practice and Have Fun!


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