The Acme Slimline Tornado Safety & Sport Whistle 636

Acme Slimline Tornado - Safety & Sport 636


Official approved, water safe and unaffected by water. Tapered mouthpiece. Approved for life jackets, immersion suits, life rafts and rescue craft. S.O.L.A.S. Safety Of Life At Sea Regulations. Very high frequency. Shatterproof and brightly colored used for safety or sports. Party favor or stocking stuffer, its a winner.

Working late? Walking to your car alone? Cycling through the campus at night? Are your children going on a school trip? Does your family take that Sunday stroll by the river in the woods?

Whatever your occupation or pastimes, wherever you live, don't let your loved ones leave home without the acme safety whistle.

Relied upon by millions worldwide.

The easiest, least expensive, most handy and most reliable of all personal security measures.

Be Safe - Be Heard

Slim design that attaches to a key chain or zipper pull without being intrusive.
Easily blown by young users, the elderly or those short of breath.
Official, approved, water safe, unaffected by water, even complete immersion. Fully approved for life-jackets, immersion suits, life-rafts, and rescue craft. To safety of life at sea international regulations.
Shatterproof high impact plastic for toughness.
Colors: Dayglo pink, lime, yellow, orange, and black.
Fail-Safe: Needs no power source or gas reserve; totally reliable

Imprinting: Billboard printing areas on both sides. Let the safety whistle promote your products and show your customers you care.

Available in
Bright White
Glow in the dark (off white color)
Lime Green


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