Acme Crow/Magpie/Rook Call 259

Acme Crow/Magpie/Rook Call 259


Variable call to produce the calls of young crows, always intriguing to other crows who will want to take a look, and of old crows (a259)

Joseph Hudson's son, Clifford Hudson, was a keen ornithologist and it was his knowledge of whistle making and a finely tuned ear that lead to the development of Acme's first brass reeded duck call in 1888. Since then the range has expanded, with additions being made in 1990 to the range of predator calls. Pidgeon, dove, nightingale, curlew, quail, duck, teal and widgeon are but a few of the species that are mimicked by the still hand made, hand assembled, and hand tuned calls by Acme.

Long "Caw" produced by a steady blow, manipulated by hand movements.


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